Contemporary surrealist artist
Adaibekova Elena
«God forbid you to live in an era of change» the poet said.

I was born in 1985 in Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan. I was «lucky», it was at this time that my childhood and youth fell. The country has collapsed, and a new one has not yet been built. The wind of change has tempered my character, the rebellious seeds have grown with an irreconcilability to falsehood.

In my drawings, I found a way out of what was accumulating in my soul, and I always loved to draw, this is both a flight of imagination, and an internal dialogue with the outside world, this is my rebellion.

Studying at the art lyceum did not give, as it seemed to me, the freedom that I aspired to. A year later, I dropped out of school. Now I understand that it was a youthful maximalism: all at once, without the shackles, tedious, imposed by the etude and still lifes of the classical school.

Another of my passions is mathematics. Logic, the rigor of the lines of calculation, specificity-this has something in common with painting, probably, it has always attracted me and cooled my rebellious impulses.

But after receiving a higher education in accounting, I realized that I was just leaving something important in life, from myself, for figures and reports.

Family, birth of a son, business (women's clothing store)-all this was important, but at the same time it did not give me a sense of fulfillment. In the depths of my soul, it was as if another person was sitting, rushing, looking for a way out.

I studied psychology, psychosomatics, NLP, esotericism and much more to understand myself, who I really am.

The birth of my daughter in 2019 brought joy and peace to my world, which I had to express, I realized, I want and will draw.

Yes, there is not enough school, but surprisingly, the technique of writing, sometimes, is born as if by itself from under the brush. This is an exciting process.

My paintings are Me: the past, the present, the future. This is what I want to tell people, what I value in this life, these are my fears and doubts. Looking into my own inner world, I call everyone to follow me, I extend my hand to everyone who is drawn to the light along the path of art, who wants to understand and feel like a part of the Cosmos, to everyone who understands that we can change the world, first of all, by our attitude to it.
Contemporary surrealist artist
Adaibekova Elena